Do I offer hosting?    YES
Yahoo which is the #1 "Hosting company" in the US is the ONLY hosting company I will deal with. Yahoo will host your website for only $8.96/3mo, then $12.95 thereafter. I will send you
all the links to get you going on your Domain Name and Hosting account....
I would not trust any other hosting company with your website!

Will you maintain my site once completed?  YES & NO! $$$
There is no reason to pay anyone a monthly fee to keep your site updated. The program I use is very easy..I will walk you through step by step and show you how to make changes, add
pages (no extra charge) etc....... Save your $$$ BUT...if you do not have the time or you just do not want to be bothered, I would love to keep your website updates for a minimum fee per
Updates must be made at least once every 3 months. A $50.00 file holding fee will apply if no updates are made within this 3 month period.

I already have a website and a Hosting account with another company....can you transfer everything over to Yahoo and re-design my entire
?  Yes.... I do it everyday for clients!

Can I supply my own photos and text?   Yes!.
Of course. The more photos and information you supply to me, the better your site will look.

How long will it take for you to build my website?  2 weeks or less!
The faster you get me all of your information and photos, the sooner I can start your website.

What is a pre-designed template vs a free design?   Your choice!
I can use my imagination and create a "custom" design that is not like any other website out there, or I can use a template with a specific breed or business.

Will you teach me to update my site?   Yes!
After I am done creating your site, I will walk you through the entire process of downloading the actual web design program and transfer your files to your own computer. I will show you
how to edit your website and make changes....very simple!

What is the total cost I will incur with you building my site?
The only cost to you is your monthly hosting fee (around $8.95/mo) and your yearly Domain ( registration (as low as $1.99/yr)  Merchant Solutions (selling
products) websites with carts, are $50.00 extra per page.

What will I have to do when you are done building my site?
Once you are satisfied with your site, I will send you the link to download the site builder. Once installed, I will send all your files for you to download to your computer. Simple as that! I
will show you how to make changes, add new pages, edit or delete items.

Wonder if I go over the 4 pages allowed for $250.00?
You may request as many pages as you would like.. Each additional page is only $25.00. (keep in mind that you may build as many pages as you want when you take over your site
at no extra charge.)

How will people find my website once you are done designing it?
This is referred to as "Search Engines", and I will send you the proper links to submit your new website to Yahoo/Google or any other Search Engine Company. I will help you name your
pages with specific "key words" so people can find your website.

Can I email or mail you all my information to use on my website?  YES
all photos mailed to me, will be returned once I have scanned them onto your site.

Is this Yahoo Site builder program COMPATIBLE with all computer system?  NO
Macintosh Co. Are not compatible with this site-builder program....UNLESS you have windows XP or Boot camp program  
Frequently Asked Questions
24/7  Technical Support is included with all web sites.
At no additional charge for the lifetime of your website
(yahoo based)
Only $250.00